Oracle Cloud Day 2017

Netherlands, december 12th 2017

Digital transformation and customer experience

Many organizations are experiencing difficulty meeting their customers’ changing expectations. Nowadays, customers want their experience to be effortless, personalized and on demand. In addition, companies have a hard time keeping up with competitors. One of the main causes concerns the fragmented use, or even absence, of technology. Organizations must reform the customer experience and start to digitally transform. Now that customers are more digitally involved than ever, companies need to seize this opportunity and engage them by means of (new) technology.

Oracle Cloud Day 2017

To help organizations get started, we hosted an interactive workshop on digital transformation and digital experience at the Oracle Cloud Day 2017, 12 December at NBC Congrescentrum in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. Using a Human Centred Design approach, we took the large group of attendees by the hand taking the necessary steps to a successful digital transformation. Under guidance of presenter Mark de Groot, Oracle Marketing Director EMEA - Digital Customer Experience, and a personal coach, each group of participants worked on improving the customer experience of an airport, based on a real case. For instance, they examined the traveler’s perceptions, needs and objectives, in addition to identifying the gap between the current use of technology and the technological applications that are needed for the new journey.

We identify 4 steps to digital transformation:


The main focus of the first step, the scoping phase, is to acquire full understanding of your own organization and customers. We gain this knowledge by executing a thorough investigation of the current situation. This includes the creation of a visionboard and personas. After, we define our digital maturity, reviewing it from diverging perspectives and roles. Taken together, this step will provide an insight on the potential digital growth.


Moving on to the second phase, we gather more detailed information about the customer journey. We take a close look at each step along the journey and analyze all of the customer’s needs and frustrations, applying ‘empathy mapping’. We continue with the identification of gains: the expected benefits from meeting the need. Now that we have an overview of the current customer journey, we can decide which problem we are going to tackle by identifying the biggest pain points: that is the situation we want to improve. We start big and then focus on one issue for one persona in one step of their journey.


It’s time to get creative and generate ideas! Organize a brainstorm session to harvest as many ideas for improvement as possible. Think about the steps the customer will take in his new journey. Focus on ideas and solutions in the sweet spot of what’s desirable, feasible and viable. An important step is to determine which data we need to facilitate this.


At the last stage of your digital transformation, we build a pilot in which we describe the journey innovation. We take into account the large amount of available channels and services, as well as the capabilities required for it. Then we focus by choosing one service, one channel and three capabilities. They key is to start small!

We are almost ready to change, but is the organization too? The final part of the process is about change management. The creation of a change storyboard will be of great help.
All aboard? Great, time has come to digitally transform!

Do you want to get a more detailed explanation on these steps? Download our presentation or sign up for our extended workshop.

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